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Any exercise can be incorporated into the Tabata Training.  However, in this 30-45 minute class, the basic outline of the Tabata training method are as follows: * 4 minutes (whole tabata circuit) * 20 seconds of intense training  *10 seconds of rest  * Total of 8 rounds.  It is intense.  It is EFFECTIVE.  It will be one of your favorites!  This class is designed for ALL FITNESS LEVELS.


Small group trainings are designed to create muscle confusion to get you the best results possible.  This class changes daily.  Class may be TABATA, HIIT, BOOT CAMP or STATION based.  You'll come in not knowing what to expect...and you'll leave loving every second of it!  Be sure to check out one of our many Small Group Training sessions.  You will NOT be disappointed.  ALL FITNESS LEVELS WELCOME!


YES!  We're bringing it back bigger and better than ever.  Your 80's step aerobics class was NEVER so much fun!  We incorporate your basic step aerobics class with GREAT music, spunk, sass and sweat!!!  Sometimes...we even throw in a bit of strength training to get those muscles pumping!  If you missed step as much as we WON'T want to miss this class.  Be sure to secure your spot on our StudioBookings app.  Space is limited!  ALL FITNESS LEVELS welcome!


This 45 minute class FLIES by because it changes every 5 minutes!!  We interval bouts of cardiovascular exercise with bouts of strength and core work!  We are sure to target ALL muscle groups and will have you leaving sweaty, energized and feeling accomplished!!  ALL FITNESS LEVELS WELCOME!  


Join us for some HIGH energy indoor cycling classes.  These 30-minute classes include in the saddle sprints, hill climbs, relay races, GREAT music and LOTS of fat burning!  Are you ready to try them out?  Be sure to upload the StudioBookings app to reserve your bikes for classes.  Please remember, if you reserve a bike and do not show up for class or late cancel, you WILL BE CHARGED a drop in fee of $8. ALL FITNESS LEVELS WELCOME. 


This class is a B3 FAVORITE!!  We utilize the physio balls, bender balls, weights and gliders to give you a FULL body workout.  This class is strictly strength training, muscle toning, balance work and core exercises!  You won't believe how you'll feel after class. It will keep you wanting to come back for MORE!

Indoor/Outdoor Boot Camp

What an AWESOME and an every growing more popular class!  This class has it all!  Strength, cardio, fun, fresh air (weather permitting), stretching, balance drills and more!  Why would you NOT want to attend this Sunday morning favorite?!?!?!  Get signed up on the Studio Bookings app and reserve your spot NOW!!!


Release your inner ROCKSTAR!  This high energy class incorporates Pilates, strength training and cardio training while marching to the beat of your own "drum" with our super fun, light-weight Ripsticks!  Rock it out to some fabulous Rock 'n' Roll songs while burning a TON of calories and having a BLAST!  TRY IT OUT!  First class is FREE! 

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